Trail Tech Voyager GPS/Computer Protector

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The Trail Tech Voyager GPS/Computer

lets you equip your off-road vehicle for both off-road navigation and performance monitoring.

GPS trail logging creates reliable maps of all the territory you've explored.

Mapping software delivers accurate tracks, even in the toughest terrain.

        • Other unit capabilities include GPS speed, RPM sensing, distance, compass, altitude, ambient and engine temperature. Engine temperature is saved in track data points and graphed for comparison with altitude changes.
        • Diagnostic screens help you review engine performance from past trails.
        • Wheel sensor tracks distance regardless of GPS conditions adding to accuracy.
        • View, Organize, Edit and Share Entire Trail Systems in 3D.
        • Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Off-Road Riders.
        • 240x400 WQVGA LCD - Readable in Intense Sunlight.
        • Engine Performance linked to GPS Data.
        • Crash Resistant, Off-Road Design.
        • Upload Routes from any GPS.
        • Customizable User Screens.
        • Model-Specific Integration.
        • Accurate Tracks, Even in the Toughest Terrain.
        • Download free GPS trails at
        • Check for the latest software updates.
        • Upload routes from any GPS or PC. Use to download and share your favorite trails.


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