Rox Anti-Vibration Handbar Riser for Dual Sports

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Rox Anti-Vibration Risers 3R-AV2SE for Dual Sports

SKU 44-8450
ROX Part Number: 3R-AV2SE

NEW 2" Elite Anti-Vibration Risers 2" Rise x 7/8" stem clamp x 7/8" or 1-1/8" handlebar.

Rox Adjustable Risers are the premier handlebar riser for Adventure Motorcycling, on road and off. Its pivot puts your bars at your preferred position relieving wrist, elbow and shoulder stress.

These versatile risers allow you to clamp a 7/8" diameter handlebar or remove the 7/8" reducers and clamp an 1-1/8" aluminum "fatbar". If you are thinking of going to a fatbar after you bend your stock set this is the riser to go with.

The reducers lock into risers to insure no slippage between components, and have serrated teeth for maximum gripping power on handlebar.

Clear Anodized and use 8mm bolts

Note: Anti-Vibe Risers may interfere with aftermarket large capacity fuel tanks, and some steering stem clamp configurations. Standard Pivoting Risers will not interfere.

Warning: Rox Anti-Vibe Pivoting Risers should not be used with ant-vibe aftermarket stems that have independent handlebar clamps. If stem has a one-piece dog bone style top clamp then it is okay.

These will install directly on the 07 KFX 450 with stock bars, minor re-routing required. Also great for the 07 YFZ 450, longer cables and brake line required. Always check and confirm that your vehicle has adeguate cable and brakeline length before installing any handlebar risers.

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