Tusk 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit Yamalube 10W-40 w/Filter- Yamaha TW200 1990–2017

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    The Tusk Oil Change Kit comes with the basic items needed to change the oil in your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV. Each kit comes with enough bottles of motor oil (and in some cases transmission oil) to get the job done. The kit also includes a Tusk oil filter, and crush washer for your drain bolt. Each kit is specific to the vehicle you order it for to ensure you get enough volume of oil, the correct weight of oil, the correct Tusk oil filter, and the correct crush washer for your drain bolt. This kit takes the guess work out of ordering the essential items needed for your next oil change.
  • Convenient kit makes it easy to get the essentials for an oil change for your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV.
  • Oil change kits are specific for each vehicle to ensure you get the correct oil, filter, and drain bolt crush washer.
  • Kit includes enough bottles of oil, correct oil filter, and drain bolt crush washer for one oil change.

  • This kit includes the following items:
    Two Quarts of Yamalube All Purpose 10W-40
    One oil filter
    One OEM O-Ring
    One Tusk M12 crush washer
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