RK 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain 520x120

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      The 520EXW Gold XW-RING Chain’s metal components are made from a specialized high carbon steel alloy that is shot peened, heat treated, and pre-stretched to create a chain that lasts for an incredibly long time. So tough in fact that it will outlast other 520 chains by 10%. Factors that make the EXW such a long wearing chain also include the anti-corrosion, gold tinted surface treatment and the unique design of the EXW’s O-ring, which has an additional sealing surface to retain more lubricant. With an 8,500 pound tensile strength, RK has made this chain strong enough for any off-road application that has a 750cc displacement or less.

  • Sealed ring design
  • Includes clip type master link
  • Recommended 750cc limit
  • 8,500 pound tensile strength
  • Chain is shoot peened, pre-stressed, and heat treated
  • 10% longer wearing than other 520 chains
  • Chain material is high carbon alloy steel
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