Fastway Adventure Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit Fits: 2013-2018 HONDA CRF250L

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Notes for Kit: Fastway Adventure Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

  • Height - Fastways patented adjustable collars make it easy to run them in the 'standard' or 'low boy' positions on most bikes. Gain more room for bulky boots, or for longer legs.
  • Traction - With 3 styles of patented adjustable threaded cleats you can easily customize your traction surface from comfortable to gnarly! Fastway Adventure pegs come with two sets of F3 cleats, one standard, one long.
  • Camber - Fastways patented FKMS Kamber bolt lets you adjust the 'tilt' of your pegs to increase comfort, or to give better squeeze on your bike.
  • This is the ultimate adventure bike platform, it measures 2.25" front to back and 4.75" wide.
  • Only 1.04lbs per set!
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