Dirt Tricks Ironman Front Sprocket KTM

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Product Description

If you wear out your sprockets, we have the solution! What makes our KTM  front sprockets so superior to anything sold?

  • One-Year Warranty – MADE IN THE USA
  • Made from high grade shock resistant tool steel
  • Machined to the tightest industry standards
  • Special “through” hardening process for ultimate toughness and longevity
  • KTM-14 Weighs 5.25 ounces

Ironman front sprockets are constructed of through-hardened, shock resistant die steel. Most front sprockets sold today are case hardened, meaning only a thin outer layer of steel is hardened. Below that layer is a core of soft steel.
Ironman front sprockets are heat treated to the same hardness as bearing races all the way through, giving them the ultimate level in toughness and wear resistance. How can the material be so hard without being brittle? 
Shock-resistant die steel is the answer. The same steel is used to punch holes through 1" thick plates of steel on high speed punch presses. 
Don't settle, buy the only sprockets with a one year guarantee.

  • KTM 2 Strokes 1988-2012
  • KTM 4 Strokes 1999-2012
  • 2009-12 Husaberg 390/450/570
  • 2012 Husaberg TE 250/300

Available in 12-15T. 
13,14 tooth sprockets are stocked, other sizes may be an increased lead time.

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